Facebook Social Chatroulette

We have deployed a new, improved, design. Please let us know what you think. http://fbsocialchat.com

Interesting Facts about Flags

Did you know that the Brazilian flag is the largest flag regularly hoisted in the world? It is flown in the Praca dos Tres Poderes (Three Powers Square) in the capital, Brasilia. This flag weighs about 600 kg (1300 pounds) and has 7,000 m2 (70x100m), or 230 by 330 ft.

Did you know that white color on country flags represents peace and honesty while red represents hardiness, bravery, strength & valour?

Did you know that the national flag of Denmark (called Dannebrog) is the oldest state flag in the world (still in use by an independent nation)?

New! Win $50 cash prize!

We are glad to announce that we are giving $50 cash prize to the first player that collects 25 flags!

Have fun!

fbchatroulette: No dicks, no tricks, just mix. :)

Friend of ours said that Social Chatroulette is: no dicks, no tricks, just mix. :)

Why did we build Facebook Social Chatroulette?

I really like idea of Chatroulette. It is brilliant. It is simple. Fun.

Here are are some of my random thoughts…

Chatroulette: Too many perverts and boring

There are a couple of problems with Chatroulette.com.

First, there are too many perverts.

There is about 30% to 40% of perverts. It should be called D**kroulette. No clue why - but I guess people can learn anatomy.

It is boooriiing…

Even though I like excitement of meeting new people, chatroulette.com gets boring after few minutes of nexting all these d**ks and advertisements for weird sites.

What about Chatroulette Clones?

A lot of sites tried to clone Chatroulette, but majority of them are making mistake and destroying the most important things about Chatroulette: that is excitement of meeting random people and simplicity.

Excitement of meeting new people is very important

We believe that key concept of Chatroulette is excitement of meeting new people. It is quite different experience when site asks you what kinda of people you want to meet and you are not getting surprises. What is the point?

It must be simple

Few chatroulette.com clones added quite of a complexity on top of original chatroulette.com. The perfect example is Chatville (facebook application). The idea is cool, but there are ~100 different badges to chose from, four different tabs, and chatting with friends (WTF - like I cannot use skype). That reminds me of joke how Germans make pizza: sausage tastes good, banana tastes good, coffee is also good - lets put all together on pizza and it will be super good pizza. Not.

What is Facebook Social Chatroulette?

So our idea is simple: lets take Facebook to verify identity of users (no perverts), have some very simple game (just talk to people from different countries and you get a flag - Foursquare concept) and merge it with Chatroulette. 


Facebook Social Chatroulette.


Now you can schedule your own chat party!


We just released a new feature: now you can schedule your own chat party!

Just click on “Create Event” and you will get dialog where you can specify name of the party, time, Facebook page of the event, and, of course, invite your friends:


Let us know what you think.

Temporary service disruption due to Facebook API bug

Due to Facebook API bug our service was not working from 7:00pm PDT and 10:00pm PDT May 11 2010.

During that period users were not allowed login and we were reporting error:

Failed to determine number of your Facebook friends. I need to log you out from Facebook.

Facebook fixed the problem at about 10:00pm PDT May 11 2010.

More info about this problem could be found at: http://bugs.developers.facebook.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10277

We apologize for inconvenience.

New design deployed


Just a short update: we have deployed the design. And new badges.

Please check it out at: http;//www.fbchatroulette.net


Working on our new design…

We are working on our new design… The page will look like this:

Please let us know if you have some ideas or objections. 

Be interesting chat partner and earn badges

If your partner likes chating with you, the partner can give you “thumbs up”.

Collect enough of “thumbs up” and earn cool badges. You can post badges on your Facebook wall.

You can also earn different badges if you meet people from different countries, continents, religions, etc.